China becomes the largest buyer of Russian meat
Author: yangshaoTime: August 14, 2020
China becomes the largest buyer of Russian meat
       According to data from the Russian Agricultural Export Center, Ukraine imported 40,900 tons of meat from Russia from January to June 2020, while China’s imports almost doubled to 79,900 tons. China imported only 7,000 tons of meat from Russia last year, and this year's import volume has soared 10 times. Representatives of the Meat Association, export companies, and the Russian Animal Planting Bureau all stated that the growth of Russian meat exports is mainly due to the growth of poultry exports, especially the expansion of exports to China.
       Experts from the Russian Agricultural Bank said that Russia is expected to export 150,000 to 200,000 tons of poultry meat and by-products to China this year. Russia attaches great importance to poultry exports to China because Russia has achieved self-sufficiency in poultry meat and the domestic market is saturated. Only by expanding exports can it further promote the development of the Russian poultry breeding industry.
       In January this year, Russian domestic producers were also allowed to export chilled beef to China. In April, the first batch of 200 tons of beef was exported to China. At present, Russia's beef exports to China are still small, and only two companies have obtained export licenses to China.
       KPMG analysts previously stated that the Chinese market has the most potential for Russian meat exports. If all export restrictions can be lifted before 2024, Russia’s annual meat exports to China will reach US$814 million.