Alkaline Protease
Product Category:Enzymes

Product Features:
Alkaline proteases are alkaline proteins with its catalytic sites (active sites) on Serine.

Perform a excellent hydrolysis ability in higher temperature and medium alkalinity condition.

Active temperature range: 30 - 60 ℃, optimal temperature: 45-55 ℃.

Optimum pH: 9-11.


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Product Details

Alkaline protease is extracted and refined from deep fermented Bacillus Licheniform 2709, which is selected by mutagenesis and breeding of bacteria protoplastis. It is a kind of Serine protease endonucleases with main ingredient of Bacillus Licheniform protease. It hydrolyzes the protein peptide bonds into amino acids and polypeptide. By performing strong proteolysis ability, it is used widely in food, medical, brewing, laundry detergents, silk textile, leather industries. alkaline protease can decompose protein quickly, accelerate the hydrolysis process of small intestine and bone powder in Heparin Sodium and Chondroitin industries.

National standard of the people's republic of china GB/T23527


Appearance: Light yellow powder
Enzyme activity: 200 000 u/g;  500 000 u/g
Water: ≤8%

Fineness: 40 mesh (standard: Pass 40 mesh standard sreen 80% min).


Add 200 000 units enzyme (1-2 g) per small intestine for Heparin Sodium industry, or 100 000 unit enzyme (2-5g);

Add 0.6-1%(comparing to the materials quantity) enzyme for Chondroitin industry.

Separate total enzyme amount by two part, add 60-70% of the total for the first 2/3 catalysis period, and 30-40% for the rest of 1/3 reaction period.
Recommendation: Please do sample test before mass production. 

Packaging & Storage
Packing: 20 kg/bag. 
Stored in dry, room temperature environment. Optimal temperature: 20℃.  

Loss of activity is no more than 10% per year.

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