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Toll Production
(1)Safety Guarantee
Keep Reliable: We are committed to provide reliable products for our customers, most of our products are old strains and NON-GMO origin.
Risk Management: Yangshao Bio-Products have a complete production control system to ensure stable quality and sustainable supply for our toll production customers.
Strain Management: We strive to earn our customers’s trust by very strict strain management system.
Production Improvement: We continually update our production process which allowing us to provide the most efficiency enzymes and probiotics for various bio fermentation industries.
Environment Friendly: We care about our employees’s health and the local environment, and all of our products are produced by bio fermentation, and are friendly to nature, we contribute ourselves to create a future with less chemicals and antibiotics.
(2)Products For Toll Production
Neutral Protease
Alkaline Protease
Probiotics Products
Please Contact Us For The Product Specifications and the Confidential Agreement Of Commercialized Products For Toll Production.